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48 hours in Bruges: The Venice of the North

Towards the end of October, Loums and I felt that we should do something to mark our five year anniversary, as we're a big fan of celebrating things, and five years is very long time to be in a relationship... Continue Reading →


Friday Night in Marie d’Issy

For this particular Friday night (it was actually a Wednesday night but for all intents and purposes let's say that it was a Friday), we decided to eat at 'our place' for the last time in quite a while. Located... Continue Reading →

Friday Night at Canal Saint Martin

  Sticking with the theme of making the most of the east Paris, we chose to go Canal Saint Martin. It’s a shame that this area is on the other side of the city to us because it’s so great,... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in Bastille!

East Paris is cool. And the Bastille area is a brilliant place to go to at night because it doesn’t give off the impression that it’s going to die down any time soon and everyone is just pretty chilled to... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in La Réunion

Ok I jest, it wasn’t quite La Reunion, but it was a réunnionnais restaurant in the 14th arrondissement and man was it good. This was an especially wonderful day because Student Finance finally got sorted out! YAAAAAAAAY! When I received... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in Saint Michel

  The best snails I've ever had were eaten here, and I love me some snails. This went slightly against our rule of ‘picking somewhere and walking around to get to know the place better’ but you will understand why... Continue Reading →

Friday Evening down Rue Montorgeuil

This 'Friday Tradition' post comes a bit late because I've been banging on about green vegetables and pak choi, and for this I apologise but I promise, I didn't have a choice! On Friday the 6th (yup, I'm that far... Continue Reading →

New Tradition: Friday Night in Le Marais

In the name of all things food related, the Frechman and I have recently began a new tradition. Every Friday night (or the Friday nights which allow us), we pick an area of Paris, we arrive, walk around, explore the... Continue Reading →

Bio Sphère, aka, Gluten-Free Heaven!

My post 'A Change In Diet', which I wrote back in November, was a little ramble about how my diet has changed to being gluten-free due to pretty severe eczema which I've had for years (noyce). Not eating gluten is working like a dream... Continue Reading →

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