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Home-Made Humous

Humous, hummus, either way the stuff is delicious, and even better when home-made! Humous is one of my favourite things to make because it lasts for a week of lunches, snacks with carrots or celery, it's delicious, it's filling and... Continue Reading →


Red Wine and Sausage Risotto – Gluten-Free

So Valentines Day was the weekend after one of the coldest weeks of winter, and as the Mothership was coming into town that weekend, we decided to just give ourselves a cosy evening in on the Thursday. I decided to... Continue Reading →

Gifts From Afar

My bosses were in Tel Aviv this week, and the babes brought knowing my love of cooking, me back Organic Cooking Salt from the Dead Sea! There are four flavours and they are: Diamond (?!), Rosemary, Spinach and Dill. I... Continue Reading →

Mardis Gras! Gluten and Lactose-Free Pancakes

All of the gluten-free posts are happening up in this crib. February 17th marked not only the birthday of my darling Dad, but also Pancake Day (or Mardis Gras, as it's more sophistically called here)! Of course I canny eat... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas One and All!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful day, this Christmas was the first year with my sister and her husband's family, who share an equal love of cuisine as we do. My mum cooked Christmas dinner on... Continue Reading →

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