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Savoy Cabbage and Avocado Soup

I love cabbage, there are those who have an aversion to it in but I really do find it delicious, although I'd never tried to make a soup with it before and was a tad worried it would end up... Continue Reading →


Mint and Courgette Chicken Curry

For this meal I was in a panic as to what to cook for dinner but luckily, inspiration struck in the form of something I bought a while ago and completely forgot about - crΓ¨me de soja, it didn't break... Continue Reading →

Home-Made Bread! (gluten,lactose and sugar-free)

This was my first time baking bread, gluten-free or not, so I went with a Jamie Oliver’s gluten-free bread measurements, as he has never let me down before. All in all it turned out as good as to be expected... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Quinoa Breakfast

  PROTEIN! In my sleepy morning haze I definitely added too much almond milk. This is a variation of my very first Breakfast post that I wrote when I started this blog back in November. I've been nuts for porridge... Continue Reading →

Mardis Gras! Gluten and Lactose-Free Pancakes

All of the gluten-free posts are happening up in this crib. February 17th marked not only the birthday of my darling Dad, but also Pancake Day (or Mardis Gras, as it's more sophistically called here)! Of course I canny eat... Continue Reading →

Nuts for Porridge – Lactose Free

One of the wonderful things about porridge oats is that they do not contain gluten (something which I was worried about when I was advised to start down this road, see 'A Change In Diet'), thank goodness because I could... Continue Reading →

Beef and Mushroom Goulash – Lactose-Free

Goulash: A well-seasoned soup or stew of meat and vegetables and beaucoup beaucoup de paprika (or piment doux). After going over my blog, I realised that beef, interestingly features fairly heavily amongst my posts. This is mainly because, my French... Continue Reading →

Stroganoff, With A Twist

  I am so chuffed as to how this recipe turned out! We had some beef which needed using and a big bag of mushrooms so I decided to do something a little more adventurous than steak with mushrooms and... Continue Reading →

Creamy (yet lactose free) Pumpkin Soup

AΒ couple of posts ago I wrote 'Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup' and as I'm sure you're aware, pumpkins are fairly large, and I certainly didn't use it all in one batch of soup. Pumpkin has quite a naturally sharp, nutty... Continue Reading →

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