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Cornwall, we love you.

When you pass the sign saying 'Welcome to Cornwall', you can't help but feel that everything from that moment until you leave is going to be alright, and you'd be right to think that because you've actually entered a bubble... Continue Reading →


New discovery – Chambelland – Boulangerie Sans Gluten

Oh ma goodness, bread. I have missed sandwiches. A few of weeks ago a colleague of mine recommended Chambelland, a gluten-free boulangerie in the 11th arrondissment. Well, after a while of ‘tu y es déjà allée?’ well I finally went,... Continue Reading →

Paris Is Always A Good Idea.

This is a post about the Question I've been asked the most since I moved here. I don't mind at all that this question gets asked of me a lot, it's only natural that it would, so here's my answer.... Continue Reading →

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