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Zero Waste Picnic

Yes, it is November and I'm trying to drag out picnic season for as long as possible. So this weekend, I took the opportunity to take a couple of friends who had come to visit, to the Château de Versailles... Continue Reading →


Vegetarian Chilli

A couple of weekends ago, a couple of friends came over for dinner and I wanted to cook a veggie, yet hearty meal. I have a habit of buying things I'm convinced we've  run out of, despite there being an... Continue Reading →

Lentil, Chicken and Potato Soup

I should call this recipe 'For When You Have A Cold...', because I did at the time and I felt much, much better after polishing off the bowl. I wasn't quite sure what this was going to become whilst cooking... Continue Reading →

Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa

How long has it been? Six, eight thousand years? At least that's it's felt according to my adoring fans, and by my adoring fans I mean the voices in my brain. It's been about six weeks since my last post... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower and Potato Curry

I'm starting to love cauliflower, actually really love it. No I haven't yet used it to make a pizza base (for those of you who's tried it, please tell me if this really works!), weather it raw in a salad,... Continue Reading →

Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

I love my lentils, especially the red ones, I first got introduced to them when my mum would make 'Red Lentil and Red Pepper Tart', it was always so delicious and filling and has proved to be so in every... Continue Reading →

Savoy Cabbage and Avocado Soup

I love cabbage, there are those who have an aversion to it in but I really do find it delicious, although I'd never tried to make a soup with it before and was a tad worried it would end up... Continue Reading →

Pollock with Chorizo and Kidney Beans

Do you remember the episode of ‘Friends’ when Rachel cooks Thanksgiving trifle and accidentally puts in beef sautéed with peas and onions? Everyone hates it but Joey’s like ‘Jam? Good. Onions? Good. Beef? Goooood.’ This recipe worked out like that... Continue Reading →

Sunday Roast Sides Part One: New Potatoes with Shallot and Parsley Vinaigarette

  I am an omnivore and always have been, apart from that one time in uni when I didn't eat meat for a few months because I was the true definition of student skint (a rite of passage), however there... Continue Reading →

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