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A weekend in Amsterdam

At the beginning of May, my friend Caitlyn and I went to Amsterdam. We had talked about going away together for such a long time, and as there are about three bank holidays in May it seemed like good a... Continue Reading →


Where’d You Go, Catherine?

I have been absent of late, this has been for the following 3 reasons: 1) Biggest one first: We have found a new apartment! Hoorah! This has therefore meant that I have been using up my leftovers which have been... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in Saint Michel

  The best snails I've ever had were eaten here, and I love me some snails. This went slightly against our rule of โ€˜picking somewhere and walking around to get to know the place betterโ€™ but you will understand why... Continue Reading →

Paris Is Always A Good Idea.

This is a post about the Question I've been asked the most since I moved here. I don't mind at all that this question gets asked of me a lot, it's only natural that it would, so here's my answer.... Continue Reading →

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