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Ratatouille: One of life’s essential dishes

Ratatouille is one of my favourite meals of all time, and I'm fairly certain I do not stand alone when voicing this opinion. It's a meal that warms you from the inside out, it is staggeringly good for you, and... Continue Reading →


Where’d You Go, Catherine?

I have been absent of late, this has been for the following 3 reasons: 1) Biggest one first: We have found a new apartment! Hoorah! This has therefore meant that I have been using up my leftovers which have been... Continue Reading →

Friday Night at Canal Saint Martin

  Sticking with the theme of making the most of the east Paris, we chose to go Canal Saint Martin. It’s a shame that this area is on the other side of the city to us because it’s so great,... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in Bastille!

East Paris is cool. And the Bastille area is a brilliant place to go to at night because it doesn’t give off the impression that it’s going to die down any time soon and everyone is just pretty chilled to... Continue Reading →

A Change in Diet Part 2: A Much-Needed Update

Towards the end of November I wrote a post about changing my diet to being primarily gluten-free, as well as switching to cow’s milk alternatives, due to the motherfecking biatch that is stress-induced eczema. This I’ve had since the age of 7... Continue Reading →

Salon d’Agriculture

  On Saturday afternoon, a friend and I went to the much talked about Salon d'Agriculture which takes place every year at the humongous exhibition centre at Porte de Versailles. We made one grave mistake: We didn’t realise that we were... Continue Reading →

Bio Sphère, aka, Gluten-Free Heaven!

My post 'A Change In Diet', which I wrote back in November, was a little ramble about how my diet has changed to being gluten-free due to pretty severe eczema which I've had for years (noyce). Not eating gluten is working like a dream... Continue Reading →

Becky’s Lamb Tagine with Apricots

Saturday morning meant a morning of cooking lunch for my French family here, so I decided to cook the lamb tagine my housemate in Reading made a little while ago (and I raved about in my first post) and was... Continue Reading →

French Breakfast – Spot the difference

When I first started coming to France, I found that there was an ingredient which was very prominent at the breakfast table - chocolate, and no shortage of it, the whole make-up of French breakfast is very unashamed of its... Continue Reading →

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