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We’re Back!

  Hello everyone! After a year-long hiatus, Le Menu de Catherine is back with a fresh look, more recipes, more travel, more zero waste and more life in the beautiful city of Paris. Deciding to take a break from blogging... Continue Reading →


Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

I love my lentils, especially the red ones, I first got introduced to them when my mum would make 'Red Lentil and Red Pepper Tart', it was always so delicious and filling and has proved to be so in every... Continue Reading →

Sunday Roast – Roast Lamb Steak

We now come to the main event, the lamb. Loums picked up bio, grass-fed lamb leg steaks from the market Saturday morning and come the Sunday, I still wasn't sure of the best way to cook them, all I knew... Continue Reading →

Bulky Chicken Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Take an ol’ faithful and make it yours, and the name ‘chicken salad’ couldn’t really be vaguer as both contributors joyously come is many shapes and sizes. I love salads, especially at this time of year when the right vegetables... Continue Reading →

New Home!

I am all levels of Leslie Nope enthusiasm this week, because we went and moved house, hooray! I don’t know how, but it was up there with one of the most stress-free moves in the history of all time, Loums’... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in Marie d’Issy

For this particular Friday night (it was actually a Wednesday night but for all intents and purposes let's say that it was a Friday), we decided to eat at 'our place' for the last time in quite a while. Located... Continue Reading →

Where’d You Go, Catherine?

I have been absent of late, this has been for the following 3 reasons: 1) Biggest one first: We have found a new apartment! Hoorah! This has therefore meant that I have been using up my leftovers which have been... Continue Reading →

Cod and Artichoke Risotto

Lesson number one: Do not fret about how little of the artichoke leaves are actually going into the risotto, the rest will be dipped into vinaigrette or added to any kind of stock (that’s what I did with mine). I... Continue Reading →

New discovery – Chambelland – Boulangerie Sans Gluten

Oh ma goodness, bread. I have missed sandwiches. A few of weeks ago a colleague of mine recommended Chambelland, a gluten-free boulangerie in the 11th arrondissment. Well, after a while of ‘tu y es déjà allée?’ well I finally went,... Continue Reading →

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