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Lakaz Maman: A visit to Shelina Permalloo’s Mauritian Oasis (photos galore!)

The 19th December marked the beginning of Christmas 2016. I took the plane from Paris Orly to Southampton, and my mum was waiting for me at the Arrivals gate to take us both straight onto Lakaz Maman, the Mauritian restaurant... Continue Reading →


Cornwall, we love you.

When you pass the sign saying 'Welcome to Cornwall', you can't help but feel that everything from that moment until you leave is going to be alright, and you'd be right to think that because you've actually entered a bubble... Continue Reading →

Le Menu Anglais: Joyeuse PΓ’ques!

For our part, we are not a terribly religious family however, like Christmas it is a wonderful reason to get the family together (which happens twice a year nowadays) and have a great meal. This was one of such times.... Continue Reading →

Le Menu Anglais: Cod and Chrorizo Stew

On Friday, 5th May, I hopped on a plane back to the land of rolling hills and fish and chips for an Easter weekend of hugging my family and friends’ rainbow-coloured guts out. While that image is fresh in your... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lunch – Roast Chicken

  Sunday lunch is great. It's taking a pause at the weekend to cook something wholesome which deserves to have time spent on making it delicious, and to gather those whom you think are a bit alright around the table,... Continue Reading →

Paris Is Always A Good Idea.

This is a post about the Question I've been asked the most since I moved here. I don't mind at all that this question gets asked of me a lot, it's only natural that it would, so here's my answer.... Continue Reading →

Where It All Began…

This is the dining room in the house in which I grew up from being a baby hobbit eating food made from scratch, to full a sized hobbit learning how to make food from scratch, before moving out to go to... Continue Reading →

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