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Chilaquiles: Breakfast for dinner and a visit from the Mothership

Every time my mum comes to visit? we set ourselves up for a weekend of 'yes of course we should do *insert decadent activity*, we're together for a limited amount of time, in Paris, and it's your holiday'. This occasion... Continue Reading →


Buckwheat and Banana Porridge

Letโ€™s not try and outwit the owl here, buckwheat has a very distinctive taste, and itโ€™s not along the same lines as dark chocolate. Of course, living in the land of crรชpes and galettes, I've had buckwheat with galettes at... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Quinoa Breakfast

  PROTEIN! In my sleepy morning haze I definitely added too much almond milk. This is a variation of my very first Breakfast post that I wrote when I started this blog back in November. I've been nuts for porridge... Continue Reading →

The World’s Best Croissant

  In my post entitled 'THANK YOU', I mentioned this croissant which is more widely known as: The World's Best Croissant, and I'm here to tell ye a tale about this little piece of heaven. My sister's wedding took place... Continue Reading →

Marks and Spencer, I love you.

So my friend, who I work with and coincidentally enough is also from Portsmouth AND we went to the same College (high school) where we met and became friends over our love and frustrations of learning French, were on our... Continue Reading →

Nuts for Porridge – Lactose Free

One of the wonderful things about porridge oats is that they do not contain gluten (something which I was worried about when I was advised to start down this road, see 'A Change In Diet'), thank goodness because I could... Continue Reading →

French Breakfast – Spot the difference

When I first started coming to France, I found that there was an ingredient which was very prominent at the breakfast table - chocolate, and no shortage of it, the whole make-up of French breakfast is very unashamed of its... Continue Reading →


Breakfast is great, and finding one that properly properly fills you up for hours is even better. At the beginning of the week I start with cooking around about (my scales are broken) 225g quinoa ย as that provides enough for... Continue Reading →

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