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Sometimes you just have to get out of the hustle and bustle of the capital and explore!

A weekend in Amsterdam

At the beginning of May, my friend Caitlyn and I went to Amsterdam. We had talked about going away together for such a long time, and as there are about three bank holidays in May it seemed like good a... Continue Reading →


48 hours in Bruges: The Venice of the North

Towards the end of October, Loums and I felt that we should do something to mark our five year anniversary, as we're a big fan of celebrating things, and five years is very long time to be in a relationship... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Stockholm

I have the very good fortune of having the most wonderful cousins known to man or woman. Toby, whose closest to me in age, and I bonded over the fact that we looked like Flower Fairies when we were toddlers.  He... Continue Reading →

Cornwall, we love you.

When you pass the sign saying 'Welcome to Cornwall', you can't help but feel that everything from that moment until you leave is going to be alright, and you'd be right to think that because you've actually entered a bubble... Continue Reading →

Le Menu Anglais: Joyeuse Pâques!

For our part, we are not a terribly religious family however, like Christmas it is a wonderful reason to get the family together (which happens twice a year nowadays) and have a great meal. This was one of such times.... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas One and All!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful day, this Christmas was the first year with my sister and her husband's family, who share an equal love of cuisine as we do. My mum cooked Christmas dinner on... Continue Reading →

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