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This is where I will be showing everything that goes down in my day to day life, whether it’s trying out new eateries, places to visit, musings, and how life as a twenty-something year old woman in Paris is treating me.

New discovery – Chambelland – Boulangerie Sans Gluten

Oh ma goodness, bread. I have missed sandwiches. A few of weeks ago a colleague of mine recommended Chambelland, a gluten-free boulangerie in the 11th arrondissment. Well, after a while of ‘tu y es déjà allée?’ well I finally went,... Continue Reading →


Friday Night in Bastille!

East Paris is cool. And the Bastille area is a brilliant place to go to at night because it doesn’t give off the impression that it’s going to die down any time soon and everyone is just pretty chilled to... Continue Reading →

Le Menu Anglais: Cod and Chrorizo Stew

On Friday, 5th May, I hopped on a plane back to the land of rolling hills and fish and chips for an Easter weekend of hugging my family and friends’ rainbow-coloured guts out. While that image is fresh in your... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in La Réunion

Ok I jest, it wasn’t quite La Reunion, but it was a réunnionnais restaurant in the 14th arrondissement and man was it good. This was an especially wonderful day because Student Finance finally got sorted out! YAAAAAAAAY! When I received... Continue Reading →

A Change in Diet Part 2: A Much-Needed Update

Towards the end of November I wrote a post about changing my diet to being primarily gluten-free, as well as switching to cow’s milk alternatives, due to the motherfecking biatch that is stress-induced eczema. This I’ve had since the age of 7... Continue Reading →

Friday Night in Saint Michel

  The best snails I've ever had were eaten here, and I love me some snails. This went slightly against our rule of ‘picking somewhere and walking around to get to know the place better’ but you will understand why... Continue Reading →

Friday Evening down Rue Montorgeuil

This 'Friday Tradition' post comes a bit late because I've been banging on about green vegetables and pak choi, and for this I apologise but I promise, I didn't have a choice! On Friday the 6th (yup, I'm that far... Continue Reading →

Greens. Greens? GREENS!

A person once said to me ‘I prefer eating spinach to broccoli because spinach has less calories.’ After going ?!&#*#@%!§? to myself, I decided to go home and write a post about the tear-jerking brilliance of greens, in all their... Continue Reading →

Blogworld – Versatile Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Being a Mackerel (a shiny-scaled Mackerel but a Mackerel nonetheless) in Blog Ocean, means that there is still a lot I've yet to find out, and am frequently told about or shown aspects of this world which tell me that... Continue Reading →

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