Hello everyone! After a year-long hiatus, Le Menu de Catherine is back with a fresh look, more recipes, more travel, more zero waste and more life in the beautiful city of Paris.

Deciding to take a break from blogging was tough. I felt that I was losing focus on the way in which I wanted to take the site, and realised that I needed to take a step back, in order to figure out what exactly I wanted to gain from it in the long-term.

During my time away, I hit the jackpot and began an incredible job as deputy editor-in-chief for an online magazine, writing about all things film and series. This experience taught me more than I could have possibly imagined, and now that I have just passed the two-year benchmark of living in the French capital, I’m ready to and make Le Menu de Catherine as good as it possibly can be.

What’s going to change?

Cooking is my greatest love, it was the whole reason as to why Le Menu de Catherine began in the first place, and it will always be the driving force behind this blog’s success. However, over the last few months before I took a break from writing, I felt at times that there were many articles which I wanted to publish but couldn’t, as they would stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of a sea of recipes. So,ย I have chosen to expand the idea of the ‘menu’, to include all aspects which feature in my daily hustle and bustle, therefore changing the emphasis of this blog from cuisine, to lifestyle. But don’t worry, cooking resourcefully and organically will always hold a high importance around here.

The categories joining Food in Paris will be the following:

  • Parisian Life
  • Zero Waste
  • Travel
  • Films and Series


Being a twenty-something year old woman in Paris can be wonderful, tough, lonely, exhilarating, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I want to show you every aspect of my life here, starting now.