This pizza hasn’t got gluten in it, chorizo and mozzarella, how’s it going?

Unlike the bread that I’ve cooked previously, I let this prove possibly a bit too much. Dear all you gluten-free bakers out there, how do you ensure that it’s cooked evenly and the dough is ready? I used a Jamie recipe for the base and used alternatives to suit my preference (sugar, milk), it tasted great but the proving process was where I fumbled, any advice you may have is very welcome!

This pizza was topped with some of my favourite toppings, but I broke with culture and used Spanish chorizo instead of Italian. I am ashamed.

For the base:

– 250ml soya milk
– 7g dried yeast
– 2 1/2 tsp honey or agave syrup
– 400g gluten-free flour
– 1tsp sea salt
– 1 large free-range egg
– extra virgin olive oil
– 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
– 2tsp cider vinegar

For the topping:

– 200g chopped tomatoes, drained
– 1 ball of the best damn mozzarella you can find
– handful of green olives, halved
– Depending on the size of your courgette,finely slice either half or three-quarters
– Mushrooms, I used ‘champignons de Paris’, also known as cremini mushroom or chestnut mushrooms, the flesh is just a bit darker and the taste is fuller.
– 2 shallots sliced lengthways
– 1 clove of garlic chopped into teeny tiny sizes
– 75g gluten-free organic chorizo, sliced. Note: chorizo in general is most often not marketed as gluten-free, but very often the ingredients have none whatsoever included, and is also easy to find organic happy days.
– Get the oregano out of the freezer, chop and sprinkle.
– Roughly chopped mixture of yellow, green and red peppers (I usually get mine frozen which means there is often a mixture), or whichever you prefer.

Method for the base:

– Heat the milk in a small pan over a low heat until warm, then place 50ml into a small bowl and stir in the yeast and honey or agave syrup, set aside for a few minutes.
– Sieve the flour and salt in a large bowl, before making a well in the middle.
– In a separate bowl, combine the olive oil, the egg and the remaining milk and pour into the well along with the yeast mixture.
In a small glass, mix the bicarbonate soda and vinegar together and quickly fold into the dough, place into a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a tea towl and prove in a warm place until it has doubled in size (roughly an hour). Move onto preparing the sauce.
– About halfway through, preheat the oven to 200ยฐ.
– Once it has doubled in size, divide the dough into roughly 4 equal sizes, wrap the remaining 3 balls up and place in the freezer for the next time when nothing but pizza will do. place the remaining ball on a flour-dusted service.
– Roll out into a rectangle, about 1/2cm thick, then place onto a baking tray.

Method for the toppings:

– In a frying pan, add 1/2 olive oil and tip in the garlic and tomatoes on a low heat, using a spoon, slide the skin off the tomatoes, stir in the oregano, season with black cracked pepper and a pinch of sea salt.
– Lay the mozzarella , chorizo, and shallots on the tomato base before adding on the rest of the toppings. Season once more before placing in the oven.

Weekend sorted.