shelves in the living room

I am all levels of Leslie Nope enthusiasm this week, because we went and moved house, hooray!

20150509_120740I don’t know how, but it was up there with one of the most stress-free moves in the history of all time, Loums’ brothers came over at midday and we were finished doing trips at half past 9. We subsequently stayed up until 3am unpacking, sorting, ordering take-out and making up the sofa-bed which is currently where we sleep. The rest of the weekend was made up of exploring the area, continuing to unpack, buying the little things (or not) that you forget about in the moving into a new place eg. a clothes horse, a drying rack, bowls, a sponge dish, and ironing board (luckily we remembered the iron).

These are the things make me ridiculously happy about the new place:

1) Not only are there fairly big windows in all of the rooms, but there windows on BOTH SIDES OF THE APARTMENT! D’ya hear what I’m saying?! TWO VIEWS!!! ALL OF THE LIGHT!!!

View from the kitchen window

2) Induction heat on the cooker which means that it heats up the pan super-fast but doesn’t make the handle hot, and it’s so sensitive to heat change in the same way that gas is. It’s brilliant, even though we now have to buy specific pots and pan which are more expensive but in the long run it’s definitely worth it. Last night I cooked steak, and I mean filet mignon steaks and the pan and the induction cooker stood to the test and it was one incredible steak (recipe (more like ‘technique’) to follow).

Noodle bowls

3) I knew we had a balcony which was already enough to bring me to the brink of happy crocodile tears, but it is in fact, big enough to put a table and two chairs in front of, as well as pot plants and herbs. This fact is fantastic.

View from the balcony

4) Bath. Nuff said.

5) We are 2 minutes away from an artisan boulangerie and a swimming pool (handy). I’ve signed myself up to the pool and went to on Sunday, and aside from their Swiss levels of technology on their lockers which took me 5 minutes to figure out, it’s lovely.

6) Trompe-l’oeil, trompe-l’oeil everywhere.


20150509_1049057) Parks everywhere, along with a really chilled walk along La Seine where you can see La Défence in the distance. Sunday afternoons were made for walks like those.

8) I no longer have to take the metro to work, just a brisk 20 minute walk and then the bus. The joy.

9) I no longer have to take the overground train and then the metro to get into the centre of Paris, just the metro which saves a bucket of time and requires a lot less planning ahead. Saturday evening I was out in Rue Montorgeuil with some friends, enjoying our good friend wine and I was home within 40 minutes, madness.

10) Cubby holes.

Shelves in our halway

20150509_104905All in all I’m like the cat that got the cream, we’re all unpacked and settled and things which have been in storage since I arrived in November have now been unpacked. I’m chuffed to bits, with the slight downfall of not having wifi but anticipating the predicament I would be in, I downloaded the Skyrim extensions on Steam and finally got round to playing ‘Lego Harry Potter’ (phew, eh?) which is just an adorable game, and with the fuddliness of moving, has been exactly what the doctor ordered.


I have a few recipes up my sleeve which I’ve cooked in our shiny new kitchen, which will be up tout de suite, but I wanted to tell you about the new crib as I now truly feel like I can call this Paris home which is a bloody big deal.

La défense in the distance from walk near the flat