For this particular Friday night (it was actually a Wednesday night but for all intents and purposes let’s say that it was a Friday), we decided to eat at ‘our place’ for the last time in quite a while. Located just off the square of Marie d’Issy is this unassuming restaurant called ‘Barock’s’. It’s very cool with a mezzanine, lots of fairy lights, cream and subtle pink walls and the menu is shown on blackboard’s with gold frames, dotted around the room. The chairs are super comfy as well. And, the cocktails, mm-mmm.


A very important point to make, as it’s not in the centre of Paris and in a place where people really, y’know, live, it’s a really great price for their very well prepared, sourced and delicious food. Their waitress has the memory and skills of a wizard and is able to manage the whole place on a busy night so effortlessly, and I used to be a waitress (a shocking one), so watching her work is like watching *insert the final match of your favourite sport championship here*.

So, anyway, the food! I mentioned the millefeuille d’aubergine with rocket and pistachios which this restaurant serves in the ‘Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award’ post, to serve as a starter in my dream dinner party because it is just that good: aubergine, rocket, parmesan, parma ham, pistachio MMM. I will attempt to recreate this very soon. For my main, I had the sea bream with piping hot basil tomatoes and quinoa while Loums had the lamb, and we both had their ice-cream for dessert, coffee flavour for me comme d’hab. The quality of the food here is seriously good, fresh, I’m going to miss it!


Issy-les-Moulineaux is just parallel to the 15th arrondissement and therefore not far at all from the Eiffel Tower, Invalides and Saint Michel, a very sweet spot and when you’ve got restaurants like this there then it’s not a bad shout at all if you’re considering a future visit. Also, the RER line goes direct from Issy to the Château de Versailles, I’m going to miss being that close to it!  Weirdly enough, the family who run our favourite sushi restaurant right next to us (it takes us about 45 minutes to order food because of all of the natterings), announced that they were moving location the week before we left, we took it as a sign.


This was a lovely way to round off our time here before starting the next chapter in Levallois-Perret. I will miss the walk along the bridge and seeing the Eiffel Tower and the hot air balloon at Parc André Citroen in the mornings and evenings.  Onwards, and then some more onwards.

I’ll be telling you all about the new place very soon! Stay tuned…