Oh ma goodness, bread. I have missed sandwiches.

A few of weeks ago a colleague of mine recommended Chambelland, a gluten-free boulangerie in the 11th arrondissment. Well, after a while of ‘tu y es déjà allée?’ well I finally went, and it was great. It had a very sweet café in the same room, as well as a selection of flours and cookbooks to buy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand of course, so many different types of bread and tarts, and parties and cakes, and sandwiches and yum (everything is Organic)!

At first I welled up, gathered myself together and went for it.


Item 1: Sandwich du jour, végétarien which consisted of shredded carrots, coriander, beetroot, olive tapenade and shredded red cabbage miwed into this saucy yummy vinaigrette thing which was damn fine, on poppy seed flatbread.


Item 2: Brownie. Very dark chocolate brownie which was perfectly dense, moist and not too big or sugar too to be sickly, just rich. Well done brownie.


Item 3: Wholemeal seeded bread which was made of a combination flour of buckwheat, rice and maize flour. Not too dense, moist, airy and made lovely toast.



Item 4: Oh boy, Focaccia bread with olives, and it was perfect, honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference, delicious.


I will say, as to be expected, it was a bit pricey, if I hadn’t got them avec gluten to that quality, they may have been just under/just over €10 but in this case it came closer to €20… but isn’t it worth paying a little bit more for a really good sandwich, brownie and bread which laaaasts and tastes amazing every once in a while? Also fortunately Chamballand is l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y on the other side of Paris to me so I don’t have the danger of spending the vast majority of my take-home pay on yummy brownies.

Let’s go on the lookout for more!