For our part, we are not a terribly religious family however, like Christmas it is a wonderful reason to get the family together (which happens twice a year nowadays) and have a great meal.

This was one of such times.

I didn’t take pictures before or during our meal because it was pure and simple time with the family, but I will tell you the following:

I was given a set of delicious mini praline and dark chocolate eggs which I haven’t yet finished because maaayan they are worth taking your time over, and a gluten-free (actually, everything free!) chocolate egg made by Celtic Chocolates, which was very rich and fresh as mixed into the cacao was a little bit of peppermint oil.


For lunch we had slow-cooked leg of lamb on a base of onions and after the lamb was ready and resting, the juices were mixed in the caramelised onions which then became our gravy. For the side dishes my mothership made leeks, brad beans with purple sprouting broccoli, cumin-y carrots and roast potatoes, all from Riverford. It was a wonderful main course, I don’t usually eat lamb at restaurants because getting a great cut is one thing, cooking it to this standard is another, and it’s such a special meat which deserves to have its time taken over it, so I find home cooked is always the way.

Next there was the cheese course, my mother-in-law, who I’ve told you about from my trip to La Reunion, brought the most wonderful cheeses which were as follows: Reblochon (French cheese from the Alps), Old Amsterdam (10 year aged Elemental, first time eating it, it was incredible!), Stilton (a British blue cheese), goats cheese (does what it says on the tin) and Manchego (Spanish ewe’s milk cheese). This was eaten with a glass of the South Australian, Black Stump wine, which has such a special smokey taste. OHMYGOSHFOOD, then to finish, my mother-in-law brought out a wonderfully rich chocolate gluten free cake which she made that morning. It was such a special treat and rounded off our ginorrrrrrrrrmous meal perfectly!

I have never felt so full in my life, I’m not joking, it took until Tuesday to feel hungry again, it was very special to be reunited with the family again with such lovingly prepared and appreciated food.

I went for a run Easter Monday morning, it was probably the worst run I’ve ever done, and it was definitely because I was stopping to appreciate the sea views and, and not because I was so full of cheese…