East Paris is cool. And the Bastille area is a brilliant place to go to at night because it doesn’t give off the impression that it’s going to die down any time soon and everyone is just pretty chilled to be there so you immediately feel pretty chilled out. It’s generally a bit quirkier in terms of its shops, styles, eateries, bars, you name it, and I visited the famous ‘rue de la Roquette’ for the first time. We went to a bar called Le QG, where they served the yummiest Caiprinha’s I ever did taste, before walking up the just as buzzing rue de Lappe. The French Revolution was my favourite piece of French history I studied at uni, therefore it made me super excited to see a bar called ‘Les Sans Culottes’ down this busy street (Les Sans Culottes were the first major body of revolutionaries who wore trousers instead of the bourgeoisie silk culottes, or ‘knee breeches’, much more practical for storming prison’s with).


We turned a corner at the end of this road and decided to eat at a restaurant called Atelier Charonne, which I later found out is famous for its jazz music, but alas, there was none when we were there. I will say that the food was pretty good, I had the salmon (if it aint broke…) with dill for my starter, and then the confit de canard, which was a very pleasant change but it wasn’t mind-blowing (I rate dinners on its mind-blowing capability). The atmosphere was calm and happy, with homages to Jazz musicians partout and smooth jazz as background music. If you want to go on a night where there’s music and a bite to eat alongside then I think that this is the place, not if you want really fine dining. Our waitress was lovely and the group of musicians who had finished before we got there were hilariously welcoming.



After dinner we didn’t feel like going home straight away so Loums had the idea of taking me a bar which he used to go to back in his Starcraft days, called Meltdown, this is a gaming bar and a really great one. There computers and flat-screens decked around two sides of the bar people cheering on friends and peers around each one, and sofas, chairs, and a bars around the other. Oh, and don’t forget the multi-coloured dance floor in the middle. I had a cocktail called ‘Green Lantern’, and Loums a beer. It was great to watch people competing in various tournaments or single player games with people watching, giving tips, or discussing the game. The DJ also put some pretty sweet chooones on. It was a great place and I would definitely recommend it to any gamer, or anyone who fancies a change from your typical Parisian bar.

I’m looking forward to getting to know this area better, Paris is a city worth exploring!