When things need using up and you’re absolutely famished, make a hash. I was a bit unsure of cooking a hash at first because I feel that they have a tendency to be quite oily, but this was not and what’s more, it was yummy, hugely filling and pretty darn healthy!

If you haven’t heard of Closet Cooking, you need to look this dude up, the below recipe isย a take on his recipe and we were grateful for it. I added some chilli and a little bit more garlic to the recipe because we canny get enough of the stuff. It’s good to use more and more ways of cooking with brussels sprouts, as they do get a bad rep, but mostly that’s because when overcooked they can be quite bitter, you just need to catch them when they’ve just become tender, to keep putting a sharp knife into them as you’re cooking to check, moreover, they go fantastically in these sorts of dishes.


4 strips of outdoor bred smoked back bacon with the fat trimmed off
2 shallots, diced
1 small sweet potato, diced (a very good tip I learned from Eco Boost, is to keep your peelings from your vegetables and put them in a container in your freezer, all ready to be used for when you want to make stock!)
2 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
450g brussels sprouts, halved and trimmed
2 organic, free range large eggs
1tbsp organic coconut oil
1/2 deseeded red chilli, finely sliced


– Gently brown the bacon and set aside, using just under half of the oil.
– Add the rest of the coconut oil before quickly adding the onion, garlic and chilli at the same time as the sweet potato, sautรฉ for about 5 minutes.
– Stir in the brussels sprouts, let them cook and be still for a couple of minutes before starting to turn them until they become tender, bring the bacon back into the pan let the mixture sit on a lower temperature for about 5 minutes.
– Before adding the bacon, soft boil your eggs for 4 minutes and 30 seconds, then gently tip the hot water away.
– Season with freshly cracked black pepper, I didn’t add salt as I felt that the bacon’s smokey taste took care of that.
– Peel off the shell of the egg, serve the hash onto plates, place the egg over and slice evenly as you can.

Dig in.

Thanks Kevin!