A person once said to me ‘I prefer eating spinach to broccoli because spinach has less calories.’

After going ?!&#*#@%!§? to myself, I decided to go home and write a post about the tear-jerking brilliance of greens, in all their leafy, knobbly, wilty, roundy, curvy goodness because unless your deep-frying broccoli to a battered crisp, it didn’t deserve that

Facts about greens brought to you by many, many, sensible health sources out there:

1. As we’re on the subject, broccoli is full of Vitamin C (very good at sealing broken capillaries, is quickly consumed if blood becomes infected as well as just generally being brilliant for your heart), Potassium (great for stabilising blood pressure, helps bone health and your kidneys), Folate (naturally occurring folic acid which is generally the bees knees when pregnant and is amazing for the brain and nervous system)
2. Calcium is more effectively absorbed into the body from dark leafy greens than cow’s milk.
3. Vitamin A: ‘Carrots male you see in the dark’, sure carrots are great and go smashingly with humous, but dark green vegetables are even better for your eyesight, as long as just being great for your immune system.
4. Lettuce, contains shed-loads of amino acids which helps with digestion, growth and repair of body tissues
5. Pak Choi, I wrote a poem about it and included it in this dish for a reason. Vitamin A, C, vitamin K (fat-soluble vitamin which the body needs for protein and calcium synthesis and clotting).
6. Greens are on the whole, packed with fibre (slowing the rate of sugar being absorbed into the bloodstream, keeps your colon clean and your intestine strong).
7. Spinach, like other leafy greens it’s rich in iron (giving oxygen to the muscles through red blood cell reproduction) and magnesium (found in spices, nuts, and other leafy greens, it is great for bone health, the heart, neuromuscular activity, the list goes on)

Spinach, kale (Beyoncé featured Kale in ‘7/11’, nuff said), mange tout, brussels sprouts, lettuce, pak choi, broccoli etc. are all unquestionably great, and after all of the wonderful things they do for you, isn’t it even better to do them and yourself a greater justice by buying them organically?

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Also, as we’re on the subject of all things packed with goodness, I’m going to put a spotlight on my favourite vegetable of them all, Garlic:


Garlic is the oldest known medicinal plant in existence, which helps cholesterol compounds from oxidising, stabilises hypertension, is high in vitamin B (aids cell division, muscle oxidation, stabilises metabolism), folates, vitamin C, zinc (improves immune and digestive systems, retina protection metabolism, healing broken capillaries) the list goes on and on. Also it tastes like Prince is performing to a sell out stadium and he just pulled you up on stage.

Last thing, do you know what else contains zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, fiber, antioxidants, and improves blood flow? Yeahhhhh you knows it, dark chocolate which has a cocoa or cacoa content of 70% or higher.  Everything in moderation of course but still, it’s joyous to know.

Dear broccoli, I hope you feel better now.