In the name of all things food related, the Frechman and I have recently began a new tradition.

Every Friday night (or the Friday nights which allow us), we pick an area of Paris, we arrive, walk around, explore the area, and before we break down in a fit of ‘there’s too much choice’ tears, we pick a place to have dinner.

The first week there was nearly a fit of tears because we started the tradition in one of, if not the area with the most diverse range of restaurants to pick from: Le Marais.

Located next to the metro stop Saint-Paul, Le Marais is in the 3rd arrondissement, and is quickly becoming my favourite. It’s one of the oldest quartiers in Paris, and has the most pre-Revolutionary buildings and streets left intact in the city. It’s famous for its museums, conceptual and Brit Pop art galleries, vintage boutiques, cobbled and busy streets (one in particular being ‘make-up street’) and in amongst the bustle is the calm and beautiful Place des Vosges and in fact, Victor Hugo wrote ‘Les Misérables’ when he was living here. It’s ridiculously hipster and has the shops to accommodate all of the groomed beards and pointy shoes the city throws at it. It’s not only the Jewish quarter HELLO REALLY FECKING GOOD FALAFEL, but the gay quarter as well, which means that it effortlessly houses the best and trendiest cocktail bars around, and one in particular was Yono.

We found Yono on Rue Vielle du Temple backed under an arch; it was very lounge-like, spacious, quirkily crooked, was about 3 stories high and served a Manhattan which ensured my return.

11015914_10152733372177379_2267435693899409347_nAfter our drink we carried on exploring, wandering, beginning to panic because either places were slightly out of our price range, had a queue out the door, alright price but not great-looking food, had a TV in it (TVs in restaurants grinds my gears at around about the same level as bad manners or closed-mindedness) until we find a fresh-looking place with awesome décor and a nice twist on traditional ingredients.

Confession: I canny remember the name of this restaurant because when we arrived we were hypnotized by its chic 50/60s Californian décor, yummy smells and we were hungry, and when we left we had had a couple of glasses of wine needed to get the metro. However, when you get out of Saint Paul, cross the road and go down Rue Pavée, turn right onto Rue du Roi de Sicile and you’ll find it.

Being more of a fan of starters and you know how much I love seafood, I had the méli-mélo of crab, which was very fresh and carefully seasoned. For the main, Loums ordered lamb which was delicious, and I had a fillet of salmon with baby new potatoes which came with this home-made salsa so good they nearly outdid the salmon, but not quite, the salmon is delicious. It was a perfectly nice place, good budget for the quality of food and the service, but there being so many places to in Le Marais go we probably won’t return.

All in all a successful evening, I became more familiar with an area of Paris I really like, we found a bar we will keep in our memory bank, and although the food wasn’t thaaaat memorable, it was still a lovely place to have dinner.