You! You 5 Michelin star crèmes brulées, you!

Three months after I started this ‘lemenudecatherine’, I was given 100 of these merry things, one month later we come to this happy number, thank you so much! I love writing this blog, and it’s so bloody baffling and encouraging that you like reading it! This blog gives me more motivation to go out and explore this city, what it has to offer, and to explore what I can do with the produce I find so I can report back with the thoughts and recipes in my brain.

This is all very new and I’m only just scratching the surface of this world, but your tips and backing is such a boost to keep going (also don’t worry, this won’t happen every time but right now it’s awesome).

So in return for all of this incredible niceness, here is a picture of a chilli chandelier. Thank you!