All of the gluten-free posts are happening up in this crib. February 17th marked not only the birthday of my darling Dad, but also Pancake Day (or Mardis Gras, as it’s more sophistically called here)!

Of course I canny eat normal crêpes for reasons I feel like I’ve banged on about enough by now, so I used my gluten-free flour from Marks and Spencer (are discovery which I was so chuffed about I wrote a blog post), almond milk and free-range eggs with a teensy bit of lemon zest to make a fresh yet nutty batch of crêpes and I even made a fruity, sugar-free topping, which also served as breakfast for one and a lunchtime snack for another the next day.


Ingredients are as follows to make 6 panackes:
150g gluten-free flour (mine was made from rice and maize flour)
275g almond milk
1 free-range egg
Zest of 1/2 a lemon
Little bit of coconut oil on the side in which you can rub a piece of kitchen-roll paper in to grease the pan.

– Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl.
– Make a small well in the flour into which you can crack your egg.
– Mix together until stiff, add the lemon zest.
– Then little by little, careful not to make any lumps, add the milk to make a smooth mixture.
– Leave to rest for about 10-15 minutes (Feeling cautious I left my mixture for a little but too long and the mixture was a little too thick so, having learned the lesson, don’t leave it for as long as I did).
– Lightly grease a hot pan with the paper and coconut oil.
– Swirl the mixture around the pan, leave for a few seconds, use a palette knife to check that the bottom has turned slightly golden, and flipping flip that pancake like there’s no tomorrow until t’other side is golden and put to one side.
– Repeat until there’s no mixture left.


For the fruity sauce:
200g frozen organic raspberries
150g frozen organic blueberries
10g chia seeds
Juice of 1/2 lemon
50ml almond milk

-Put it all in a blender and blitz to your heart’s content/when the sauce is smooth.
-Put into a bowl and leave for about 10 minutes before serving>
-We put some banana slices with ours before eating with our crêpe.

Joyeux Pancake Day!