L'intérieur du café

My post ‘A Change In Diet’, which I wrote back in November, was a little ramble about how my diet has changed to being gluten-free due to pretty severe eczema which I’ve had for years (noyce). Not eating gluten is working like a dream and honestly my skin has cleared up so much since I started down this road, along with using the medicine I already used for yonks.

However, I have very occasionally let something containing gluten slip through the net. For example, my mum came to stay last weekend for the first time since I moved here, and on Sunday I had an almond croissant from a beautiful bakery just next to Place Victor Hugo called Boulangerie Béchu, (they also do Pistachio Croissant, Cranberry Croissant, Pain au Chocolat Orange, etc.). This was probably the most gluten/carb-rich thing I could’ve chosen, but ghaad dayum it was yummy. However, about an hour afterwards my skin flared up so badly which is what has happened before when I’ve been irresponsible and while we’re sharing, I become as bloated as a beach ball. Playing devil’s advocate, at least it flared up after having a truly incredible, freshly-baked croissant from a boulangerie which looked like it belonged in Disney, than after eating, well, anything else.

This weekend was also used as an opportunity for mine and Loums’ mum to meet (we thought that after over 3 years that it was about time), and also this was a chance for me to find a gluten-free restaurant/café. I booked us a table at Biosphère Café, a totally organic and gluten-free café which is very close to Place Saint Augustin. It was a lovely place to eat, the décor reminded me of a beach hut: white-stained wood and pink walls, fresh flowers on the table, water served from clay jugs and goblets and to top it all off, paper straws. The food was wonderful, they serve galettes with every filling you could think of, pizza with every sort of topping with a base of tomato or pumpkin (what a great idea!), sandwiches, salads, quiches, a huge variety of herbal tea and desserts (their pastry chef, Sylvie, trained with Ladurée and Angelina). Not to mention all the beer and cider is gluten free and the wine is bio-dynamic! As it’s not the biggest place I felt like it could’ve done with a little bit of background music, but that’s my only critique.


My mum and Loums both had a galette with egg, spinach and Roquefort, Loums’ mum had a galette with serrano ham and egg, and because I freaking miss it, I chose the lovely rustic oval-shaped pizza which was an ample size for one, about 8 inches across and I chose to have it with potimarron, spinach, roquefort and mushrooms, which my mum was thrilled by because I spent the majority of my life thus far bloody hating mushrooms and blue cheese, bless you France. It was all so delicious, all of the ingredients were so fresh and lovingly prepared, I think the waitress knew that our meeting was kind of important to she left us to it, the others were so impressed that they couldn’t tell the difference between theirs and a normal galette and my pizza filled me up like a dream for the rest of the day.  Other people in the café were either with their family, reading a book, with their friends and it was great to see them loving the food as much as we did.


So, if you happen to wake up and find yourself Paris and would like a traditional macaroon, éclair, quiche, galette or pizza but your pesky gluten intolerance won’t allow it,  never fear, Biosphère Café is here!