So my friend, who I work with and coincidentally enough is also from Portsmouth AND we went to the same College (high school) where we met and became friends over our love and frustrations of learning French, were on our lunch break the other day and we discovered that not only is there an M and S near where we work, but it also has a gluten-free section (*#%@+!). Yes, there is a gluten-free section in Auchan, but it’s not great and very small considering the size of the supermarket itself, and after reading, there is a very high number or conservatives and E-numbers in these products which is not what we’re looking for at all but all the gluten-free ingredients which I found, all used rice and/or maize flour (just like my flour below) instead of normal with no extra mischief to be seen.

A break-down of British Superarkets
A break-down of British Supermarkets