A little while ago I bought a rosemary plant, which was a big deal. This plant signaled the beginning of my herb garden in my little flat in Paris, then before you knew it, I would be growing chives, basil, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, the flat would essentially become a greenhouse full of goodness. And then my plant died.


I think that this was partly (mostly) because our flat does not get a whole heap of direct sunlight , even though our avenue is very wide, we’re on the first floor and therefore it’s a bit far for sunlight to reach, aaaaand also I make have forgotten to water it 2 days in a row and subsequently drowned it to compensate.  So I started buying herbs in bunches, which then meant that they started wilting/going soggy so unless they were going into a sauce (and it would have to be the right herb for the sauce), where they would wilt anyway it just wasn’t working *sigh*.

Then I found the solution to my herby woes:

Get a couple ‘seal lock’ bags and cut up your trusty sage, tarragon and parsley, de-sprig your rosemary and thyme, put them in their separate bags and bung them in the freezer until they’re ready to be used. Granted, basil and coriander may be a bit more difficult and can suffer in the defrosting process so I would get them freshly bunched.

So there we go!

Little tips like this are pretty handy ones to keep in the brain box, what are yours?