AΒ couple of posts ago I wrote ‘Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Soup’ and as I’m sure you’re aware, pumpkins are fairly large, and I certainly didn’t use it all in one batch of soup. Pumpkin has quite a naturally sharp, nutty flavour to it and it works brilliantly amongst spices and seasoning which are used in this recipe, and as per my post entitled ‘A Change in Diet’, I am going lactose free, so fear not, no dairy was harmed in the making of this meal.

Here is the creamy pumpkin soup with an Eastern twist which I created with our autumnal vegetable favourite. As always, my quantities are large so as to provide freezer stock.

500g diced pumpkin
3 sliced small carrots or 2 large ones
350ml organic pure coconut cream
650ml pre-made vegetable stock (see recipe)
1 chopped chilli with the seeds removed
3 large cloves of garlic
1 large onion
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
Handful of fresh coriander
Zest of one orange
1tbsp pure extra virgin coconut oil (I’ve got a jar of ‘Tiana’ in my cupboard)
3 sprigs of saffron (this isn’t just a colour thing, saffron is delicious but I wouldn’t have bought it unless I found it mega cheap, which I did, Christmas Markets high five), however if you do not have saffron, I find smoked paprika to be a fair substitute, and if you’re doing that, put 1tsp in.

Get a massive casserole dish and soften the chilli, garlic and onion in the oil.
Add the pumpkin and carrot, orange zest and make sure it’s all coated in flavours.
Keep at a low heat and add the cream, coriander cloves, cinnamon stock, saffron/paprika and stir well again.
Lastly, add the stock and season well, leaving out the salt as much as possible as personally I don’t think it’s necessary.
Bring to the boil for a short amount of time and then reduce to a simmer and cover for 35-40 minutes, stirring regularly.
This is really best when hand-blended BUT, not before you’ve taken out the cinnamon stick and cloves as that would taste all shades of mank and no-one deserves that.
So, after you’ve taken out those obstacles, go awol with the hand-blender until it’s smooth.
Serve in warm bowls with an extra small garnish of coriander and enjoy.