When I first started coming to France, I found that there was an ingredient which was very prominent at the breakfast table – chocolate, and no shortage of it, the whole make-up of French breakfast is very unashamed of its bold sweetness, it’s a lot less complicated than my previous breakfast post.

Grab yourself a fresh white baguette and cut it in half
Get yourself tub of nutella
Ladel the baguette with nutella
Dip the nutella slathered baguette and dip it in your bowl of coffee/hot chocolate.
French breakfast 1.0 is complete.

Version 2.0:
Go to the boulangerie first thing in the morning and buy some pain au chocolat and croissants
When you get home, dip your pain au chocolat in your tea/coffee OR split up your croissant and eat with a confiture of your choice with your coffee, hot chocolate, tea on the side.

Not being the biggest fan of nutella, taking the pain au chocolat/croissant option is the preferable choice for me, and when it’s fresh and warm from the boulangerie what’s not to like? Not all the time of course but every once in a while it’s pretty deelsih.

Also, if it’s a special occasion, like celebrating your first week in Paris, you may wake up to find this on the table, and then suddenly the rest of the day feels like your birthday.